Healing with naturale products

Healthy products and recipets based on remedy herbs (teas, cremes, sirups, tinktures, gels, balsams etc.), honey with other bee products and advice for healign. Thanks to an old preparation and basic change of diet without sugar and fatty meet. I suggest only chicken without the foreskin,beef and veal red meat (for those who can not be without meat), and much more cereales, legumes, various kinds of vegetables, fruits, fish and sea foods). I haven’t been sick for 13 years (not even coulds) and I have unbelievable immunity and energy, even though I had Hepatitis C for 36 years,sores in the stomach,twice broken spine,head,nine ribs and some other bones.I am 56 years old, and still i can exercise, run and work easier physical tasks. I can provide the needed recipe for this preparation (it is very simple to make), like other recipes and advices for diseases, to dose who want it.You should listen my advice foe it, to help you. It’s free,and if it helps you,
you can donate, if you Want !
Here something, very simple ,for stomachace and general healing of the stomach:
When your stomach aches, simply extract the juice (in a juice machine) of one smaller cabbargheade (in order to get at least one gllass of juice) and drink it all at once. You can usually make this every day, if you want your stomach to be in better state (thats hellps me).